10 Must Read Horror Articles 14 January 2013

Texas Chainsaw

Welcome, once again, to Must Read Horror, the place to discover the best articles of the week. This week is a double edition with 10 must read horror articles:


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Who do you think you AAARGH! – A Texas Chainsaw Family History

Don’t know your Leatherface from your Chop-Top? Get confused between Sawyers and Slaughters? This great article from Joel Harley over at Starburst should help clear things up.

On the set of the Evil Dead remake – Part One

Auckland, New Zealand, a film-set in the middle of the woods, more blood and gore than pimple-squeezing day at Hogwarts. This article from Bloody Disgusting takes a look at what’s going down on the set of Fede Alvares’ eagerly anticipated remake.

Behind The Scenes Of Alien: From title design to filming the Nostromo

This article from Sci-Fi And Fantasy Models International takes a close look at Alien, and some concepts that weren’t quite right for the final-cut.

Savini And Me (Part 4) – Tom’s neighbourhood

One could imagine the fun to be had living next-door to an FX genius. Waking up in the morning to find Tom’s left a severed head on your front lawn…again. “Ahhh, Tom’s at it again,” you might say, or “Jeez, that Savini’s really something.” This article from Fangoria continues to look at Tom Savini’s life by taking a walk with him round the neighbourhood.

Ten horror games to look forward to in 2013

Omnigamer have compiled a list of games to look forward to if you prefer shooting zombies and walking through ominous corridors to throwing a blue hedgehog around. Each entry is accompanied by its trailer.

Darkness in literature: 5 great darknesses

Stuart Kelly of The Guardian investigates some of the most notable darknesses in literature. Surprisingly, there’s no mention of Richard Laymon’s Out Are The Lights…

Savini and me: Tom’s house

Ever wanted to find out what Tom Savini’s house looks like on the inside? Restraining order getting in the way? This is the next best thing, as Michael Aloisi over at Fangoria steps inside the horror FX maestro’s not-so-humble abode.

Why filmmakers need to stop making us feel sick

The number of found-footage movies has increased exponentially in the last few years, with an endless glut of shaky-cam films being released. This article at SFX asks if it’s really necessary to force such epilepsy-inducing camerawork on a filmgoer, and even provides the address of a website which rates films according to their motion-sickness factor.

The future of Guillermo Del Toro

David Bishop of Flickering Myth takes a look at the Mexican filmmaker’s upcoming schedule, including an adaptation of Lovecraft’s At The Mountains Of Madness, starring Tom Cruise (ahem)..

Top ten most notable moments in horror comics 2012

Comic Monsters takes a look back at some of the best moments from horror comics and graphic novels published in 2012.


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