TIH 163: Gemma Files on Experimental Film, Autism, and Story Lessons

TIH 163 Gemma Files on Experimental Film, Autism, and Story Lessons

In this podcast Gemma Files talks about Experimental Film, autism, story lessons, and much more.

About Gemma Files

Born April 4, 1968, in London, England, Gemma Files is the child of two actors (Elva Mai Hoover and Gary Files), and has lived most of her life in Toronto, Canada. Previously best-known as a film critic, teacher and screenwriter, she first broke onto the horror scene when her short story “The Emperor’s Old Bones” won the International Horror Guild’s 1999 award for Best Short Fiction. Her books include the Hexslinger series and Experimental Film.

Show notes

  • [04:20] Interview start/early childhood lesson
  • [13:15] First experience writing fiction
  • [22:25] False assumptions about autism
  • [32:30] Experimental Film origins
  • [44:50] People with Asperger’s don’t like fiction misconception
  • [52:30] Stories that have taught biggest lessons
  • [01:00:30] Departure from iWeekly Magazine

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  1. I’ve admired Gemma Files since her short story collections, “Kissing Carrion” and “A Worm in Every Heart” found their ways onto my bookshelves.

    Such an excellent interview!

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