TIH 022: Horror and Comedy with Jasper Bark and David James Keaton

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In this podcast we sit down with two award-winning authors, Jasper Bark and David James Keaton, to discuss horror, comedy and the link between the two.


[02:22] Interview starts and participants de-robe (yes, you read that right)

[04:55] The physicality of horror and humour

[07:38] The Thai cooking analogy

[12:24] Psycho

[17:45] Worst date movie

[22:00] Fawlty Towers as a horror/catchphrases

[29:50] Cats and electronic voices

[31:00] The infamous ‘Blood Fudge’ event

[46:40] Motel Hell

[01:03:00] B-movies now and then

[01:05:45] Cabin in the Woods and You’re Next

[01:08:40] Surprise narratives and endings

[01:14:56] Approach to writing horror-comedy

[01:20:55] Writing horror-comedy as fiction and as graphic novels

[01:39:00] Clowns

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Blood Fudge incident  

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