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They Don’t Come Home Anymore by T.E. Grau

They Don't Come Home Anymore T.E. Grau

“T.E Grau is not just a new, exciting voice in weird fiction, he is THE defining voice of the new generation. They Don’t Come Home Anymore is both a fragmented nightmare and a heartbreaking allegory you won’t forget anytime soon. Some of you won’t forget it ever.”
Dead End Follies

“Find a safe place to die. And make sure it is away from the people and away from the sky.”
Shirley Jackson Award-nominated author T.E. Grau delivers a tale of obsession, alienation, and a teenage girl in search of something beyond the reach of death.
But sometimes, when they journey too far, They Don’t Come Home Anymore.

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Pre-order and Day One Bonus

When you pre-order or buy They Don’t Come Home Anymore on Day One we have a couple of treats in-store for you:

  • FREE eBook Triptych: Three Cosmic Tales by T.E. Grau. eBook includes an introduction plus the stories ‘Flutes’, ‘In The Cave, She Sang’ and ‘Low Hanging Clouds’.
  • Prize Draw for Tuckerisation in T.E. Grau’s forthcoming release Crayfish. The winner will become a character who dies in Grau’s forthcoming story, so if you fancy dying at the hands of Grau, we have you covered.

Please e-mail proof of purchase to to receive your bonuses.

ISBN: 9781910471036
eISBN: 9781910471043
Cover Artwork by Candice Tripp
Publication Date: 28 November 2016

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About The Author

T.E. Grau This Is HorrorT.E. Grau is an author of horror, crime, and dark fiction whose work has been featured in dozens of anthologies, magazines, literary journals, and audio platforms. His debut book of short stories, The Nameless Dark: A Collection was nominated for a 2015 Shirley Jackson Award for Single-Author Collection, and ranks as the bestselling book published by Lethe Press in both 2015 and 2016. Grau lives in Los Angeles with his wife and daughter, and is currently working on his second collection and his first novel.

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