Anthology of the Year

Holiday of the Dead

Winner: Holiday of the Dead

Runner Up: Undead Tales

Paul Anderson (Wild Wolf Publishing) says, “Wild Wolf Publishing is delighted and honoured to win the award and would like to thank all the contributors and everyone who voted. We would also like to thank the most important people – the readers.”

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  1. R. Phillip Roberts

    Awesome! Thank you, all! And it is a great pleasure to be part of such an excellent anthology.

  2. Rod Glenn

    I feel honoured to be amongst so many great writers. Thank you!

  3. Bob Lock

    Congrats! So glad that I’m a part of this anthology too.

  4. Asher Wismer

    I was thrilled to be accepted for this anthology, and I’m doubly thrilled to be part of an award-winning anthology!

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