Competition: Win a Stealing Propeller Hats From the Dead Bundle!

Anytime David James Keaton has a new book out, it’s time for a celebration. Whenever that new book just so happens to come in a special bundle loaded with extra goodies, the celebration becomes even better. Coming soon from Perpetual Motion Machine Publishing, get ready for David James Keaton’s Stealing Propeller Hats From The Dead. With cover art by George C. Contronis, jacket design by Dyer Wilk, and interior illustrations by Luke Spooner, this collection of undead tales promises to both pay homage and skewer the once again fashionably cool zombie genre.

Two preorder packages are available, though the real deal is the Drunk Zombie Frequent Flyer Bundle, which includes a drinking board game, bloody propeller hat, signed copy of the book, and more. Keaton has been known to thrown in little ‘extra’ gifts in his bundles, so be prepared.

And what is a preorder without a giveaway, right? Since David James Keaton is a trivia master, he’s come up with very tricky trivia question for all you zombie movie fans to answer. One question, one correct answer, and one bundle for the lucky winner!

Here’s what David said:
In Stealing Propeller Hats from the Dead’s featured novella “Zee Bee & Bee,” there is a passage with a bit of actual movie trivia. It’s pretty well hidden, but it starts like this:

“Hold on, here’s some trivia! I actually knew an actor in the ‘90s remake of Night of the Living Dead. Okay, he was a friend of a friend, but I heard that he was sort of a real, live mutant with no sweat glands and, legend has it, had to smear ChapStick all over his head if he was stuck out in the sun too long during filming. Often I wish he could play this game with us, because with that kind of dedication, I know he would probably take it just as seriously as I do, maybe even shame me into turning my shoes around for good.”

So the question is: What was this actor’s real name? Everything you need to know to answer this question is in the passage above.

There you have it folks. Email your answers to by the close of October 1st 2015 and one person with the correct answer with be chosen at random to win a Drunk Zombie Frequent Flyer Bundle with all the goodies. This question is a doozy, so good luck!

From Fish Bites Cop: Stories To Bash Authorities, Pig Iron, and The Last Projector, David James Keaton has proven time and time again that he has the chops to deliver the hard hitting, thought-provoking, fiction we crave while casually tickling our funny bones in the process. We here at This Is Horror can’t wait to get our hands on this new collection, so get your preordering fingers ready, operators are standing by.

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