War of the Worlds Season One (TV series 1988-1989)

In the late 80s, CBS brought a new version of HG Wells’ classic alien invasion tale to the small screen. Set over three decades after the 1953 film version, this take on War of the Worlds starts with the revelation that the aliens weren’t killed by the microscopic bacteria, but merely placed into a forced …

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Interview: Screaming Dreams

When and how did Screaming Dreams form? It started purely as a personal homepage, around the turn of the Millennium. It was early days for my attempts with digital artwork and I originally created the site as a place to upload some of my images at the time. The site then expanded by publishing other …

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Paul Finch Interview

In the third part of our interview with Paul Finch we concentrate on The Devil’s Rock and future projects. Paul Finch Interview – Part Three

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Review: The Watermen

Back in the 1980s filmmakers gave us every possible variation on the slasher theme – we had a run of such movies set in summer camps, in old schools, hospitals, even on deserted islands. Back then, a seafaring variant might have seemed like a good idea, but in 2011 it simply comes across as lazy …

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Chris Wade – Interview

Chris Wade is an English writer and illustrator based in Leeds. Starting his writing career editing Hound Dawg Magazine, which he still writes today, Wade went on to write surreal comedy fiction books such as Cutey and the Sofaguard. Audiobooks of his work have been narrated by UK comedians Rik Mayall and Charlie Chuck. Wade’s first horror …

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Frazer Lee Interview

Frazer Lee is one of the rising stars of the UK horror film scene.  He has won numerous awards for his short films. His first major full-length movie Panic Button, was released last year to a lot of critical praise.  As well as being a filmmaker, Frazer’s debut novel The Lamplighters, was one of the …

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Can we really trust reviews?

Reviews: it’s what writers and publishers alike both love and dread. A good review can brighten anyone’s day, as it validates all the effort that’s been put into the work and rewards the faith that the publisher had in the writer’s talent. It can also lead to more sales, which is always something to be …

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Final Destination 5

Like all successful horror franchises, the Final Destination series has suffered from the law of diminishing returns. After the refreshingly original series opener was released in 2000, the sequels were always going to be up against it, with the element of surprise largely removed. Review: Final Destination 5

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Ti West Interview

Thanks to the organisers of FrightFest, we have received this wonderful interview with Ti West that we can share with the This Is Horror community. Ti West reveals his love for his UK fans, lying to Larry Fessenden and when lightning nearly struck. Interview: Ti West

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This Is Horror Premium Chapbook Series

Joe & Me by David Moody

A year ago, This Is Horror was born albeit under its former alias Read Horror. It’s been one hell of a journey thus far and we’re not planning on slowing down any time soon. In fact, we’re stepping things up a notch with a brand new arm – the This Is Horror Premium Chapbook Series. …

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Interview: Vincent Holland-Keen

What first attracted you to horror writing? As a young boy, I was most attracted to writing that contained fantastical elements – stories that dealt with the humdrum of reality just didn’t interest. When I started writing myself, elements of horror seemed to creep in, not because of any conscious decision on my part, but …

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Jo Fletcher Interview – Part II

Can you talk us through some of the titles you’re publishing this year? JF:  I can tell you about every title I’m publishing this year – and as it’s not just very hard but almost impossible for an editor to pick just a couple of titles (and it makes the authors not picked really upset!) …

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Paul Finch, Interview – Part II

We continue our in-depth interview with Paul Finch. This time Paul speaks about UK police drama, The Bill, Brian Keene’s Dark Hollow and cult favourite, Spirit Trap. Paul Finch Interview

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Paul Kane Interview

What first attracted you to horror writing? I’ve always been attracted to the darker side of things. When I was very small my dad would buy me horror comics from our local newsagents, and my favourite comic hero was – still is – Batman, because of the horror trappings of his character and costume. I …

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Film to Book Adaptations

The book business calls them novelisations. That is the act of turning a film script into a novel. In truth they can turn out to be more like that old adage of trying to make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear. Novelisations

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