3 Must Read Horror Articles


This week on Must Read Horror Articles: Top 10 Worst Horror Villains Japan’s Haunted Forest of Death What is a novel worth? To keep up to date with essential articles and horror news throughout the week then follow @ThisIsHorror on Twitter. Top 10 Worst Horror Villains You may have seen a list of top 10 best …

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Happy Birthday M.R. James

Today would have been the 150th birthday of English writer M.R. James. Having written such famous and inspirational stories as ‘Oh, Whistle, and I’ll Come to You, My Lad,’ and ‘The Ash-Tree’, we decided to honour the great man by asking some superb writers and members of staff to tell us about their favourite M.R. …

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Distractions and the modern artist

Indeed, these are strange times we live in. Whether you’re a writer, filmmaker, musician, painter, or other, there are so many resources and so much technology at our Disposer—er, disposal (Don’t know that one? Hey, Google it.)—it’s easy to get lost in the crashing waves. Read more…

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Darker Minds Ready for Release

Darker Minds

Dark Minds Press have announced their latest release entitled Darker Minds. The collection of dark, twisted, psychological horror stories features some of the brightest talent in the genre and has been edited by Ross Anthony Warren and Anthony Watson. Darker Minds includes original stories from Ray Cluley, Stephen Bacon, Simon Bestwick, Daniel Kaysen and Gary …

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The Nine Deaths of Dr. Valentine

The Nine Death of Dr. Valentine by John Llewellyn Probert

“Someone is killing doctors in the style of the murders in Vincent Price movies, leaving the Bristol police baffled. The only man who could possibly be responsible died years ago . . . or did he . . .?” Spectral Press have announced the second book in their Spectral Visions series to be The Nine …

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The Fox and The Rain by Adam Millard

I arrived on Halcyon Drive to the sound of rising birds. It was still dark, and I found myself wondering whether this could have waited until morning. The drive was ominously lit with staggered lamps; beneath one of them an inquisitive fox rifled through the remains of overturned rubbish. Strangely – and this only further …

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Meet The Writer: Michaelbrent Collings

Michaelbrent Collings is an internationally best-selling novelist and screenwriter who writes primarily horror but also dabbles in YA fantasy and hopes to develop superpowers someday. Read more…

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Review: Visions Faded Fast edited by Gary McMahon

The novella is alive and well, if the quality of offerings in this collection (edited by the prolific horror author Gary McMahon) are any indication. Genre fiction is well served by this story length, as it allows plenty of scope for characterisation whilst not causing the writer to struggle to maintain a sense of dread …

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A grave state – an exploration of the horror genre today

Ever since I started reading horror in my teens, people have been declaring the death of the genre, yet horror novels continue to be written and published. You often hear of folk being nostalgic for the horror boom of the 80s, but really was that such a renaissance of the field? For all the great …

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News Round-up Week Ending 17 July 2012

Simon Ward

Horror channel announce short film showcase Horror Channel have announced the line-up for the FrightFest 2012 International Short Film Showcase. The 90 minute showing of films starts at 1pm on Sunday 26 August at the Empire Cinema in London’s Leicester Square. “It’s another fantastic line-up we’re proud to be sponsoring at FrightFest,” said  Chello Zone’s Chief …

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Joseph D’Lacey lands new agent and two book deal with Angry Robot

Award-winning author Joseph D’Lacey has signed a two-book deal with one of the hottest UK genre publishers, Angry Robot. The deal is for a duology with book one, Black Feathers landing in April 2013 and the sequel The Book of the Crowman following in 2014. The exciting deal is for world rights in all languages. …

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Review: Zippered Flesh edited by Weldon Burge

Body horror is nothing new in the horror genre. For decades now, David Cronenberg has delved into our base fears about how our bodies can be altered and changed, causing pain and suffering. In the last decade or so, cinema from the Far East has been utilising this sub-genre to good effect, giving us tales …

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Autumn: Horror in the East Venue

Autumn - Horror in the East

Autumn: Horror in the East have announced that The Aspire Centre in Lowestoft will be the venue for the horror author convention on the 2 & 3 November 2012. “The Aspire Center have been brilliant and have stepped in when we needed them,” says organiser Emma Bunn, “They couldn’t have been more helpful and are doing everything in …

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The fear of clowns – coulrophobia

In the first of a new regular feature, we take a look at modern phobias that infiltrate our modern lives. Fears can be rational or irrational, but if someone suffers from one, they can be paralysed by it to the point that it can affect their adult existence. In extreme cases, it can stop people …

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Review: Dark Shadows

Depp and Burton are something of a collaborative nightmare, with a twisted partnership spanning two decades. It began with the cult masterpiece Edward Scissorhands in 1990, a film which plucked Depp from the chiselled jaws of what looked set to be a career centred entirely on his boyish good looks and set him on his …

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