A Piece of Horror History goes under the Hammer

Scenes from The Wicker Man

Are you a fan of The Wicker Man? Do you have a spare £200,000? If the answer to both of these questions is yes then you could be in for the best news you are ever going to hear! The Green Man pub, featured in the film is for sale! Well, that is to say …

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Resident Evil 6: New Details Revealed

Resident Evil 6

Following the recent release of the Resident Evil 6 trailer, developers Capcom continue to drip-feed us details about the plot of the game. Building on the intricate story built over the last five games, Resident Evil 6 brings back some old favourites and introduces a few new characters to boot. Set in the fictional Chinese …

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What is a bad horror movie?

John Llewellyn Probert invites readers to The Bloodstained Balcony where he explains what makes a bad horror movie. No really, a catastrophic horror movie. This isn’t good bad. This is bad bad. Truly Terrible Horror Cinema

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Twice Full by Lisa L Hannett

Twice Full illustrated by Rich Sampson

We have another brilliant flash fear for you this week. This time around it’s written by Lisa L Hannett and illustrated by Rich Sampson. Twice Full by Lisa L Hannett

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An alternative Valentine’s message from a Horror Publisher

Heart door

Our columnist and Spectral Press owner, Simon Marshall-Jones drops by to commemorate Valentine’s Day with a very special article. Learn about the grizzly side, and alternative history of Valentine’s Day. My Bloody Valentine

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Meet The Writer: David Searls

What first attracted you to horror writing? Horror reading. I think my first contact with adult horror was an anthology of my dad’s called Shock! I read it when I was in the fifth grade. If I remember correctly, it included Ray Bradbury’s ‘The Small Assassin’ and Truman Capote’s ‘Miriam’. David Searls Interview

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Tales of the Weak and the Wounded

Tales of the Weak and the Wounded by Gary McMahon

Fresh off the back of winning a brace of This Is Horror awards, acclaimed author Gary McMahon’s new collection Tales of the Weak and the Wounded is available to pre-order as of 14 February 2012 [The perfect Valentine’s Day gift – Editor]. Published by American outfit Dark Regions Press, the collection promises to be a …

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The Best of Body Horror

The Mammoth Book of Body Horror

Next month sees the launch of the latest in the series of horror sub-genre collections from Mammoth. This time readers are in for treat as body horror becomes the focus. The Mammoth Book of Body Horror is edited by British Fantasy Award nominated editors Paul Kane and Marie O’Regan and tracks the history of body …

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Ryan Shore Interview

The first in our brand new Hear Horror section ‘Behind The Sound’ is with none other than the nephew of Howard Shore and composer of many great new horror scores Ryan Shore. Behind The Sound: Ryan Shore

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Ink on Ink: Jan Moat

We continue our Ink on Ink interview series with Jan Moat of Identity Tattoo Studio. Jan Moat Interview

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Ink on Ink: Simon Marshall-Jones

Let’s be honest, it was only a matter of time until our heavily tattooed columnist Simon Marshall-Jones made an appearance in our tattoo-centric Ink on Ink section. Simon Marshall-Jones Ink on Ink Interview

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Real life horror: Annette Bright and Charles Koschalk

This month BC Furtney’s Horror of Babylon is hard-hitting and very real. If you prefer your horror to remain in fiction, do not read any further… Horror of Babylon: February 2012

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Review: 11:22:63 by Stephen King

The plot of 11:22:63, the latest hernia-inducing tome from master storyteller Stephen King, is like a wire coat hanger – simple but effective. Upon this hangs a story that is like a magnificent velvet coat of many colours. As in the best of King’s novels the story can be summed up as a simple ‘What …

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Grimm Up North turns Japanese

Shogun Assassin

The organisers of the Grimm Up North film festival have announced the latest in their series of twice-monthly horror double bills. The next event entitled Samurai Splatter Double Bill will be held on 17 February 2012 and will feature Shogun Assassin and Baby Cart to Hades. Shogun Assassin has been banned, condemned and censored in …

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Snow forecast for the UK this spring!


March 2012 sees the release of gritty Australian horror film Snowtown. Available from Revolver Entertainment, the film has been described as harrowing and brutal by critics both here and in Australia. Based on a true event, Snowtown tells the compelling story of Australian serial killer John Bunting. Set in Adelaide in the 1990s, John Bunting …

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