A Sneak Peak At Spectral

Spectral Press

In addition to announcing the paperback version of The Respectable Face of Tyranny, the lovely folks at Spectral Press have made the first chapter of the highly anticipated novella from Gary Fry available on their website. We here at This Is Horror highly recommend that you check out the sample chapter and pick up a …

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Should writers worry about novel adaptations?

That’s the question that Shaun Hutson is tackling head on his latest instalment of The Gorefather. Specifically, the pulp veteran is looking at video games. Book to Video Game Adaptations

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Remembering The Dead

Surviving The Dead

Following up from the success of his film The Dead, director/producer Howard J Ford has written a thorough and honest account of the trials and tribulations of making the cult hit film. Surviving The Dead tracks the Ford brother’s filmmaking journey through testimonials and on-set pictures that get under the skin of the cinematic processes …

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Interview: Christa Faust

Alan Kelly’s at it again, this time he’s tracked down Christa Faust for an interview as part of our Women in Horror series. Interview with Christa Faust

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Tumblers by Simon Bestwick, Illustrated by Dan Henk

Our latest Flash Fear is from Simon Bestwick, author of The Faceless and is illustrated by the incredibly talented Dan Henk. Tumblers by Simon Bestwick  

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Something Fishy Up North


The guys at Grimm Up North have put together another intriguing night of horror cinema for the delectation of horror fans in the North of England. The latest instalment in their line-up of events is the Roger Corman Double Bill on 16 March. The first film in the double bill is Corman’s World, an in-depth …

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Big News from Spectral Press

Spectral Press

The fantastic Spectral Press continue to expand and enhance their stellar line up in 2012. Today Spectral have announced that their latest novella The Respectable Face of Tyranny is now available in paperback and is now available for pre-order [Editor – although don’t forget if you want the hardback edition you can pre-order from the This …

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Celebrating the Heritage of Horror


March sees the start of the Heritage of Horror season over on Horror Channel. The line-up is a celebration of the finest British horror from the past and the present. Starting on 9 March, Horror Channel will be screening the pick of British horror including two UK TV premieres. First up is the 1973 subterranean …

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Joseph D’Lacey joins Proxima Books

Joseph D'Lacey Proxima Books

It is a pleasure for us to announce that Joseph D’Lacey is joining Proxima Books with a new novel Blood Fugue. Joseph is the author of Meat, Garbage Man and The Kill Crew, winner of the British Fantasy Society’s Sydney J. Bounds Award and has received praise from Stephen King. Proxima Books is a science …

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Ink on Ink: Shawn Conn

Next up in our Ink on Ink series is tattooist and illustrator Shawn Conn. Interview: Shawn Conn

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Review: Inkubus

Gary McMahon lays down his thoughts on Inkubus and true to form he’s not one to mince his words. Inkubus Review

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Art House Horror in Manchester

A Horrible Way To Die

Horror hounds in the North of England will be treated to a night of Art House Horror by the wonderful people at Grimm Up North on Thursday 23 February. The event will feature two films of undoubted quality that are sure to please the discerning horror fan. First on the bill is A Horrible Way …

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How to make comics scary

Jasper Bark has the lowdown in his latest instalment of Injured Eyeballs. What makes comics scary?

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This Is Horror Shop

Joe & Me by David Moody Chapbooks

The observant amongst you may have noticed the ‘Shop’ button that has appeared in the navigation bar. Longstanding readers of This Is Horror will know that we’re always diversifying and this is another step we’ve decided to take. At the moment we are trialling this with just the one item, the forthcoming hardback limited edition …

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Meet The Writer: Alison Littlewood

Author of A Cold Season, Alison Littlewood joins us as part of our Meet The Writer series. Interview: Alison Littlewood

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