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The Fox by Conrad Williams

The Fox by Conrad Williams

As events unfold, a knot appears in your stomach, twisting tighter and tighter until you reach the denouement.

The Fox is taut, incisive, chilling and genuinely disturbing.

“Subtle yet insidious, a foreboding permeates The Fox from its very opening line. Williams guides you into the jaws of nature with great cunning – only to abandon you there, bleeding and unable to return.”

Conrad Williams once again demonstrating his mastery of the short form in this whiteout of a story.”

They took their daughters to a glamping farm to escape the stresses of the city. There were chickens to feed, logs to chop and a fire to keep stoked. For a day it was fun to reconvene with nature and connect with what it meant to be wild.

But on that first night a blizzard hit and they woke up to a white world. The snow only made the blood easier to see…

Now the chickens have disappeared and there’s a dead little surprise down by the children’s playground. A warning that you can’t just wish all the bad stuff away…

ISBN: 9780957548107
Cover Artwork by Neil Williams
Publication Date: 1 March 2013
Limited Edition Signature Paperback (Limited to 300 copies)
RRP: £4.99

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