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Chalk by Pat Cadigan


“A chilling, sombre and affecting tale that reflects the divergent paths of all of our lives. Pat Cadigan’s Chalk should resonate with each and every one of us.”

“Chalk shows Cadigan at her best – creating a memorable protagonist, perfectly depicting a working class American neighborhood, and throwing in a touch of magic that will chill your soul.”

“An understated tale of loss and woe – with special powers!”

“Chalk sucked me in with its delightful premise and left me with chills. Pat Cadigan takes a youthful urban fantasy and twists it horribly wrong. A home run release from This is Horror.”

“Deceptively quiet, and haunting, Pat Cadigan’s Chalk is a beautiful, unsettling look at family, growing up, the children who never get a chance to, and the subtle trap and trappings of one’s past. All told with Cadigan’s careful eye for casual detail and wrought expertly with the weight of what remains unspoken.’”

Can you find seven dogs in this picture of a castle? How about two little girls in a relatively small neighbourhood?

Dee and Mary discover a way to hide in plain sight so that Dee doesn’t always have to go home and babysit or do household chores for her mother. For awhile, it’s great fun to sit apart from the rest of the world and watch them unawares. But it’s not exactly normal.

It hadn’t occurred to Dee and Mary that what they were doing would have consequences…

ISBN: 9780957548138
eISBN: 9780957548145
Cover Artwork by Pye Parr
Publication Date: 16 November 2013
Limited Edition Signature Paperback (Limited to 125 copies)
RRP: £4.99

UK: £4.99 + £1.00 P&P


EU: €6.25 + €3.35 P&P


US: $8.00 + $5.20 P&P

ROW: $8.00 + $5.20 P&P



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