Welcome to the This Is Horror shop. Here you can find a range of horror products sold directly by This Is Horror.

This-Is-Horror-Premium-ChapbooksChapbooks Annual Subscription

Receive a year of quarterly chapbooks and enjoy benefits and savings.

£20 + FREE P&P In stock

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This Is Horror Chapbooks Year OneAll Four Year One Chapbooks

“Beautiful, thoughtful novellas from some of the best contemporary writers!”

£10 + FREE P&P In stock

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Water-For-Drowning-Shark-SharkWater For Drowning by Ray Cluley 

£4.99 Available to pre-order

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The Elvis Room by Stephen Graham JonesThe Elvis Room by Stephen Graham Jones

“Jones writes with a skill and style that rivals Stephen King at his most powerful!”

£4.99 Paperback sold out. eBooks available

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Chalk by Pat CadiganChalk by Pat Cadigan

“An understated tale of loss and woe – with special powers!”

£4.99 In stock

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Roadkill by Joseph D'Lacey cover revealRoadkill by Joseph D’Lacey

“A breathless race to the finish line of oblivion”

£1.99 In stock

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The Fox by Conrad WilliamsThe Fox by Conrad Williams

“The snow only made the blood easier to see…”

£1.99 In stock

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Thin Men with Yellow Faces by Gary McMahon and Simon BestwickThin Men with Yellow Faces by Gary McMahon and Simon Bestwick

“A nightmarishly grotesque urban fairytale”

£1.99 In stock

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Joe & Me by David MoodyJoe & Me by David Moody

“This is compulsive reading, a story you can’t put down unless someone hacks both your arms off!”

£1.99 In stock

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