‘The Snow Child’ by Angela Carter


It may be the shortest story of The Bloody Chamber collection (it’s approximately 500 words), but Angela Carter manages to pack a lot into ‘The Snow Child’. It takes the theme of jealousy from its ‘Snow White’ origins and explores aspects of male power and desire as well, adding a heavy dose of horror to …

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Meet The Writer Interview: Rebekah Lattin-Rawstrone


Born in Kenya, Rebekah Lattin-Rawstrone lives and works in London. She is a partner of Apis Books, an independent publishing company for shorter fiction, and a teacher of creative writing at City University. Home, a story about the manipulation of neglect, is Rebekah’s first novel. She is currently working on her second novel and a …

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5 Must Read Horror Articles 14 April 2014


Welcome to Must Read Horror, the only place you can discover the best horror articles of the week whilst simultaneously wondering who the hell Adam Millard is. This week: The Ten Scariest Classic Radio Broadcasts of All Time Horror Spotlight: Mario Bava Part 1 The 10 Greatest Jump Scares in Horror History Gun Control: How …

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This Is Horror Podcast Episode 016: Wayne Simmons Interview

Wayne Simmons horror author

Podcast: Play in new window | Download | Embed In this podcast we interview Wayne Simmons, the author of Plastic Jesus and a plethora of zombie novels. Wayne talks about writing, zombies, tattoos and much more. Topics [00:49] Wayne Simmons’ start in fiction writing [04:20] The influence of and friendship with David Moody [07:30] The filmic …

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News Round-up Week Ending 11 April

James Herbert

The James Herbert Award For Horror Pan Macmillan have launched their own tribute one of the great masters of horror fiction, James Herbert, by announcing that 2014 will see the award of the inaugural James Herbert Award For Horror. The award is a fitting tribute for Herbert, in the year that sees the 40th anniversary …

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Kate O’Mara R.I.P. (1939-2014)


Just over a week ago, we lost one of Hammer Films’ most alluring beauties – Kate O’Mara. Although she only appeared in two Hammer productions, The Vampire Lovers and The Horror of Frankenstein, she made quite an impact through a long and varied stage, television and film career. Her natural beauty, especially evident in The …

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Film Review: The Machine (2014)

The Machine

“Slick as it is, the storyline is a somewhat puzzling combination of fresh elements mixed with distinctly run-of-the mill ones!” Despite receiving very little fanfare, director Caradog W. James’ The Machine is a British sci-fi thriller presented with a substantial amount of spit and polish. There’s the occasionally ropey CGI shot, but then don’t most …

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5 Must Read Horror Articles 7 April 2014


Welcome, once again, to Must Read Horror. You want great horror articles? This is the place to find the best the web has to offer. This week: Sequels and Remakes: Night of the Living Dead Sequels The Resurgence of Horror Vinyl 10 of the Most Memorable Horror-Inspired Professional Wrestlers The Fall of the Horror Survival …

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