TIH 104: John Skipp on Fight Scenes, Bizarro and Zombies

TIH 104 John Skipp on Writing Fight Scenes, Bizarro and Zombies

In this podcast John Skipp talks about Fight Scenes, Bizarro and Zombies.

About John Skipp

John Skipp is a New York Times bestselling author, editor, film director, zombie godfather, compulsive collaborator, musical pornographer, black-humored optimist and all-around Renaissance mutant. His early novels from the 1980s and 90s pioneered the graphic, subversive, high-energy form known as splatterpunk. His anthology Book of the Dead was the beginning of modern post-Romero zombie literature. His work ranges from hardcore horror to whacked-out Bizarro to scathing social satire, all brought together with his trademark cinematic pace and intimate, unflinching, unmistakable voice. From young agitator to hilarious elder statesman, Skipp remains one of genre fiction’s most colorful characters.

Show Notes

  • [02:50] Interview start/Choreography of Violence LitReactor course
  • [05:00] Common fight scene mistakes
  • [11:20] Two books that get violence right
  • [15:35] Max Booth, via Patreon, asks about A Nightmare on Elm Street 5: The Dream Child and the novelisation of Fright Night
  • [20:50] Clown Town reception and future of the series
  • [23:20] Collaborating with Andrew Kasch
  • [26:40] The difference between bizarro and weird fiction
  • [34:00] Bizarro and musicals
  • [36:00] Book of the Dead, 1989 anthology
  • [40:25] Zombie subgenre today
  • [45:15] Advice to eighteen year old self
  • [46:45] White whales
  • [51:45] Two fiction and two non-fiction recommendations
  • [56:55] Connect with John
  • [57:20] Final thoughts

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