5 Must Read Horror Articles 7 April 2014


Welcome, once again, to Must Read Horror. You want great horror articles? This is the place to find the best the web has to offer. This week: Sequels and Remakes: Night of the Living Dead Sequels The Resurgence of Horror Vinyl 10 of the Most Memorable Horror-Inspired Professional Wrestlers The Fall of the Horror Survival …

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News Round-up Week Ending April 4


Flying Pussy If you cast your mind back to the storms in the winter you may remember the BBC reporting the bizarre weather in Surrey in which cats were literally lifted off the ground in a mini-tornado. How could that not inspire a film? Catfurnado is Fetch Screen Entertainment’s (a new branch of Fetch Publicity) …

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Meet The Writer Interview: Brendan Deneen

Permuted Press - Brendan Deneen - Author Photo

Brendan Deneen is a critically acclaimed graphic novelist and playwright, having scripted/plotted Flash Gordon and Casper the Friendly Ghost, as well as Phoenix (with Jim Krueger) and his original creation Scatterbrain (called “one of the best indies of the year” by Ain’t It Cool News). Deneen’s children’s play, Mortimer the Lazy Bird, was favourably reviewed by The New York Times, which compared the story to …

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Meet The Writer Interview: David Owain Hughes


David Owain Hughes is a writer of horror fiction who has recently started dabbling in horror journalism. He’s an editor/writer for Blood Magazine and has a few short stories in print. His first novel, Walled In, was release in February, alongside his short story collection, White Walls and Straitjackets. After discovering the novel One Rainy …

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The Bones of You by Gary McMahon


‘May just rank as the best single piece of work the author has produced.’ The Bones of You is Gary McMahon’s eighth published novel and whilst all the elements we have come to expect from his work – gritty settings and relatable characters amongst them – are in evidence, there is also an increased level …

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5 Must Read Horror Articles 31 March 2014


Welcome to Must Read Horror, the place to find the best horror articles the internet has to offer. This week: Ten of the Most Horrible Hospitals in Horror Mind Meld: Horror – Why You Love It, Why We Write It, and Where It’s Going Toys of Terror #1 The Best Horror Movie Monsters That Used …

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Why Hannibal MUST Endure


With the fifth episode of Hannibal’s second season airing soon after this article is written, I must say I have great optimism for the future of this show. Or maybe it’s my desperate need for it to carry on long enough for show creator Bryan Fuller’s vision to be realized. But more of that later. …

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News Round-up Week Ending March 28


R.I.P. Oderus Urungus Dave Brockie, AKA Oderus Urungus the frontman of the horror-themed ‘shock-rock’ metal band Gwar died on March 23 at the age of 50, officially confirmed by his management on March 24. He was discovered by a bandmate in his house sitting upright in a chair. His death is currently being investigated, with foul …

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