Have we had enough of found footage films?

Voyeurism is an intrinsic part of the human condition – you only have to witness what happens on a motorway when an accident has occurred on the other side of the central reservation to see that. Perhaps there is a perverse sense of schadenfreude within us all, the ability to take pleasure in the suffering …

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Review: Piggy

A low budget British crime thriller, Piggy often comes across like a low-rent mash-up of Fight Club and Dead Man’s Shoes. There’s a good idea at the core of this film, but the execution lets it down and it doesn’t go as far as it should with the material. Read more…

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What are your must read horror articles?

Must Read Articles

Last week we announced 5 Must Read Horror Articles. If you would like to suggest a Must-Read Horror Article then send [email protected] an e-mail with the subject title ‘Must Read Article’. Rules are as follows: This cannot be a link to your own website/article. This must be an article/feature and does not include reviews. The …

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Sam Stone, David Moody, Jasper Bark – Live in Birmingham

evening of horror - David Moody, Sam Stone, Conrad Williams, Jasper Bark

We are proud to present a brand new evening of horror literature at The Electric Cinema, Birmingham as part of Shock & Gore 2012, as award-winning horror author and crowd favourite Jasper Bark plays host to special guests David Moody and Sam Stone, three acclaimed authors who will be answering questions from the audience and …

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Review: Blackbirds by Chuck Wendig

Miriam Black is the girl your mother warned you about. Her life thrives on drama and conflict, and she is a creature of habit; all the bad ones. You will love her instantly. However if a great memorable protagonist was all there was to Blackbirds you wouldn’t make it past about page twenty. Miriam’s great …

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Happy Father’s Day

To commemorate Father’s Day, award-winning author Gary McMahon has written a confessional piece titled ‘Fathers, Sons and Monsters’. Read more…

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Joe & Me by David Moody Chapbooks are now being sent out

After an abundance of orders from around the world we have sent out the first of the Joe & Me by David Moody chapbooks. As soon as we receive a new order we will send it out within 48 hours going forward. We pride ourselves on offering the very best postage and packaging price which …

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5 Must Read Horror Articles

The Shining

We’ve scoured the internet to bring you five articles from across the globe that every horror fan must-read. This brand new feature will highlight great content that can be found beyond the pages of This Is Horror, every single week. This week on Must Read Horror Articles: In Development Hell, Nobody Can Hear You Scream …

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Review: Silent Voices by Gary McMahon

Silent Voices is the sixth novel from talented British writer Gary McMahon. Arguably, it could be said to be his best novel to date. It is the second book of his Concrete Grove Trilogy, book one of which, The Concrete Grove, won Best Novel at This Is Horror’s inaugural awards. Read more…

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5 Classic Horror Movies (and an XXX Parody)

BC Furtney has been trying to get banned or censored from This Is Horror for the past thirteen months. We finally decided to censor him when he tried to put a link to a full-length porn feature into his latest column. For a run-down of 5 Classic Horror Movies and some context you are best …

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Where’s my copy of Joe & Me by David Moody?

Joe & Me by David Moody Chapbooks

Joe & Me by David Moody is scheduled for release on 18 June, just five days away – so the This Is Horror team thought we’d give you a fun update, so you know exactly where your books are and how they’ll be getting to you. Joe & Me is back from the printers Our …

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Review: Doll Parts by Wayne Simmons

Doll Parts picks up right where Wayne Simmons’ previous novel Drop Dead Gorgeous left off – and it’s one hell of a frenetic ride. Drop Dead Gorgeous followed the survivors of an event (The Great Whatever) in Belfast; we don’t actually find out if this is a worldwide apocalypse but it seems likely. That ‘event’ …

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Writing and Editing Website

Armed With Pens

I hope you won’t mind me taking a short break from our horror schedule to invite you over to a brand new editing and writing resource – Armed With Pens. It’s actually formed in response to the demand staff at This Is Horror have received for articles on the craft of writing and editing. Editor …

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Interview: Wayne C. Rogers

Wayne C. Rogers is a Las Vegas casino worker who loves to read good stories, watch entertaining movies on DVD, and write anything that comes to mind whether it’s a novel, short story, movie script, or book review. Meet The Writer: Wayne C. Rogers

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Interview: Steven Sheil

Steven Sheil is a horror film writer/director from Nottingham. His first feature Mum & Dad was released by Revolver in 2008. His second feature Dead Mine, will be released by eOne later in the year. He is also one of the co-directors of Nottingham’s Mayhem Film Festival. Interview: Steven Sheil

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