3 Must Read Horror Articles

This week on Must Read Horror Articles:Asian films

  • A Buyer’s Guide to… The New Wave of French Horror
  • When Worlds Collide: Sci-Fi and Horror Films
  • Top 10 Asian Horror Films you have never heard of

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A Buyer’s Guide to… The New Wave of French Horror 

In recent years France has been releasing films that continue to push the boundaries of violence and psychological horror. This is an introductory guide from Subtitled Online of where to start to get the most of French horror films.


When Worlds Collide: Sci-Fi and Horror Films 

Sci-Fi and Horror often mix in books and films, Daniel Greenfield from HubPages has written this article about why it works so well when they do overlap.


Top 10 Asian Horror Films you have never heard of 

If you enjoy films such as Ring, Ju-on and A Tale of Two Sisters, you might find other great Asian films from this list from the  Horror-Movies website.


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