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Re(a)d-Letter Day

Simon Marshall-JonesSimon Marshall-Jones, the man behind Spectral Press, writes the monthly column, Re(a)d-Letter Day. He is also the former Reviews and Fiction Editor at This Is Horror, and currently writes for Interzone Magazine.

June 2011: Ramblings of a tattooed head
July 2011: Taming the vampire: From Stoker to Meyer

August 2011: Changing the perception of horror

September 2011: Hollywood: Stop remaking films

October 2011: FantasyCon 2011

November 2011: Writers: Let your work define you

December 2011: Traditional ghost stories

January 2012: Spectral Press’ Guide to Editing

February 2012: The great e-book revolution (and why you should judge a book by its cover)

March 2012: How to deal with a bad review and become a better writer

April 2012: Fiction Writers: Readers will judge a book by its cover
May 2012: Can we really trust reviews?
June 2012: Why horror readers and writers are destroying the genre they love
July 2012: Why The Exorcist is a horror classic
August 2012: The influence of MR James on the horror genre

September 2012: Can we really trust book reviews? (The dark side of online reviews)
October 2012: Spectral Press at FantasyCon 2012
November 2012: The Christmas Ghost Story

December 2012: Horror and the must read novella (and why they’re still relevant)
January 2013: Looking forward to 2013 (Peter Cushing style)
February 2013: The Secret History of St. Valentine’s Day (And Sex and Beauty in Horror)
April 2013: The importance of a life outside genre
May 2013: A case of nostalgia: The Evil Dead, Video Nasties and the gorehound in me
June 2013: The history of the ghost story and what makes a great tale
July 2013: Real writers don’t write about the supernatural

Season Two

February 2014: Who is Lawrence Gordon Clark?
March 2014: The Very Model of a Monster
April 2014: Kate O’Mara R.I.P. (1939-2014)
May 2014: RIP HR Giger (1940–2014)
August 2014: Looking towards British Fantasy Con 2014

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