BC Furtney interviews Kate McGray

Kate McGrayAmbition’s a funny thing. Sometimes, the goals that get us started aren’t the ones that inspire us to cross the finish line. That thing called Life always reserves the right to throw us a curve and send us in a direction we weren’t anticipating. When that happens, we can throw in the towel and call it quits, or we can adapt, evolve, and maybe end up with something better than we originally set out for. And if we open our eyes one day to find ourselves in a ring or in a cage, best adapt quick, eh? Remember, don’t drop that left paw when you throw the right. I know you Brits like a good fight, so this month it’s Horror of Babylon’s distinct honour to introduce you to a serious artist and classy competitor. She’s one of my favourite horror and rock & roll photographers, and a helluva dame. I’ve had the pleasure of knowing & working alongside her in a couple of different walks of life now, and maybe we’ve got a couple more left still. Without further ado, meet professional muay thai fighter, Kate McGray.

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