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Michael David Wilson

Michael David Wilson, Founder, Editor In Chief & Podcast Host

bob pastorella

Bob Pastorella, Website Manager & Podcast Host

kev harrison

Kev Harrison, Head of News

Dan Howarth This Is Horror

Dan Howarth, Podcast Host

Amanda Gowin

Amanda Gowin, Features 

Richard Cosgrove

Richard Cosgrove, The Cutting Room & Reviews

James Everington

James Everington, Look Out For… 

Michelle Garza

Michelle Garza, Reviews

Shane Douglas Keene

Shane Douglas Keene, Reviews

Jasper Bark This Is Horror

Jasper Bark, Features

Ross Warren

Ross Anthony Warren, Fiction Reviews

Adam Millard

Adam Millard

Simon Kurt Unsworth

Simon Kurt Unsworth, Reviews

Thomas Joyce

Thomas Joyce, Reviews

simon bestwick

Simon Bestwick, Reviews

Faye Coulman

Faye Coulman, Reviews

JD Gillam

JD Gillam, Reviews & Features

Jon Oliver

Jonathan Oliver, Features

Geoff Brown, Columnist

Anthony Cowin, Reviews

Paul Michaels, Reviews

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