5 Must Read Horror Articles, 21 January 2013

Michael Myers Happy HalloweenWelcome to Must Read Horror, the place to find the best horror articles of the week. Once again we’ve searched the internet for interesting and notable articles for your reading pleasure. This week:

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If they made horror – Hypothetical horror films from 8 non-horror directors

An interesting look into what might happen if Judd Apatow ever decided he’d had enough of Seth Rogen-fronted adult comedies, or if Christopher Nolan fancied himself something a bit more brutal than that old back-breaker, Bane. Bloody Disgusting delve into the possibilities of such films, and what the finished product might look like.

William Castle’s five top movie gimmicks

Filmmakers have, for years, tried everything to maximise box-office revenue. When all else fails, there’s always the tried and tested gimmick. Over at FearNet, Alyse Wax takes a look at perhaps the most famous exponent of the gimmick, William Castle.

Is it time to retire the fantastic four of horror?

Truly Disturbing ask the question most people already have an answer to. Should Freddy, Jason, Michael and Leatherface finally hang up their respective slaughter-tools and settle down, maybe in Jersey, with a cup of Lipton’s Herbal Tea?

In spite of violent national tragedies, horror films endure

In the wake of several horrific shootings, Reuters investigate why horror movies remain so successful, and whether it’s moral to release such brutal movies so soon after a national tragedy.

The most annoying horror movie clichés

We all do it. Scream at the idiot on the screen in the hope they’ll suddenly develop a functioning brain. How many times have you witnessed a character’s demise because they decided the only way across the room was by stepping over the unconscious killer’s body? Horror Movies.ca have compiled an extensive list of annoying clichés that you might decide to use as a tick-list for any 80s horror franchise.


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