5 Must Read Horror Articles 13 May 2013

Ju-onWelcome to this week’s edition of Must Read Horror, your one-stop shop for the best horror articles the internet has to offer. This week:

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High Impact, Low Body-Count: Movie Killers Who Put Quality Over Quantity

Michael Myers has slaughtered over a hundred people, while Jason Voorhees has clocked up a massive three hundred kills, but once you’ve seen one machete death, you’ve seen them all. What about those less prolific movie killers, whose on-screen kills prove that seldom does not mean sissy? This article at FearNet looks at the more frugal murderers from cinematic history.

RIP Ray Harryhausen: Ten Of His Best Movie Monsters

He was a special-effects wizard, the Godfather of stop-motion animation, and this week saw the passing of a true legend. Ray Harryhausen created some of the most memorable movie monsters, gifting youngsters and adults alike with nightmares of gargantuan beasts, colossal serpents, and skeletal armies. Here, Entertainment Weekly picks ten of the best Harryhausen creations, from Sinbad to Clash Of The Titans.

And Now The Screaming Laughter Starts! (When Your Horror Goes Horribly Wrong)

Over at Fangoria, legendary splatterpunk author, filmmaker, and screenwriter, John Skipp, takes an irreverent look at what happens when you realise that the horror you’re watching/reading is actually a stinking pile of Golem-shit.

12 Best Asian Horror Films You’ve Never Heard Of

Asian countries have a knack of putting out some truly disturbing horror. We’ve all seen Ringu and Ju-On, and as a result we’re more than familiar with the wet-girl climbing through any appliance you’ve stupidly left on standby. Here, Horror-Movies.ca look at some of the more obscure – yet no less terrifying – Asian horror films that you’ve never (probably) heard of.

Back Against The Wall: The Decline Of Survival Horror and Why It Needs Saving

Survival horror in videogames has been in decline of late, with action-orientated games becoming more favourable. This article at Ausgamers investigates why games such as Resident Evil and Dead Space are going the way of the dinosaurs, and what should be done to bring the genre back.


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